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We are doing all we can to ensure that your orders get to you as fast as we can, but we know that you, our lovely customers, will understand if there is a bit of a delay whilst we adjust to new ways of working.

If you have any questions our customer care team are here as always. You can reach them by emailing

Getting in touch with us is easy, and there are many channels you can reach out! Our team constantly monitors emails and messages and will answer within the day. 

We can help if you have a question about custom orders, tracking and delivery, warranty and any other enquiry! 

You can text us on

  • Instagram: @Tummyconshaper
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You can also e-mail us by filling out the form below. Please note: If you send us an e-mail about your order, please be sure your message includes your order number and the name under which the order was placed.
Will be happy to hear from you!!

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